How to find your way (and the bathroom) at a new job

So, remember that time I got connected virtually to this cool gal while networking, and we talked on the phone and read each other's blogs and started Tweeting back and forth like mad and became friends, but have yet to meet in person even though we both live in DC and work in the nonprofit world and yes I realize this is sad but deal because it's the social media way and I'm down with it?

That gal is Elisa Mortiz, a dear digital comrade and the blogger behind Onward and Upward. And in Elisa's infinite kindness, she invited me to guest-post on her blog.

The topic: adjusting to a new job. My expertise: currently adjusting to a new job. Brilliant!

So, please carry yourself over to Onward and Upward and read my post, How to find your way (and the bathroom) at a new job. High points include me discussing how I don't want to pee my pants at my desk. And some stuff about evaluating the position, reflecting on the transition, giving it time, etc.

But mostly the pants-wetting part.