Prayer #87: Cantcentrate

Photo by fotologic

Burning physiological question: If you're concentrating on your concentration face, will your head explode?

Prayer #87: Cantcentrate

My mind is hopping. It started the week over there, and then it skipped around over here, and then it turned in circles until it got so dizzy it collapsed. Now it's lying in a heap in the corner, twitching.

I wouldn't mind my loss of mind so much if it didn't mean my heart followed suit. Stupid heart. Such a copy cat. The minute the mind fidgets, it perks up, saying, "Hey! Whatcha up to? Can I come too? Wheee!"

And then it scampers off behind my errant brain, blissfully ignorant that it has its own beat, own rhythm, own purpose.

I would prefer my heart had a mind of its own. I'd get much more done.

But that's not the way you constructed us, is it, Lord? We are mind and heart and soul and sinew. We are a solid unit, seamless. Cog A affects Wheel B. Lever C bends on Fulcrum D. And so our psyches whirl, with no beginning and no end, accomplishing mighty things, sometimes in spite of themselves.

Mechanic God, I give myself over to Your engineering. I will let my brain run its own route, and allow my heart to romp behind it. I will permit my body to creak and sing. I will give my gut a room to call everyone together in the end.

And I will listen to all they tell me along the way, for they are Your kinetic megaphone, moving me toward concentrated revelation.