Prayer #88: Ends of Days

How is there a plural form of apocalypse? Isn't that it?

Prayer #88: Ends of Days

Apocalypse now? Later? Sometime next Tuesday?

I don't care. Bring it. Because I've got 8 million gajillion things to do, and frankly, it would be easier if You pulled the plug on the whole shebang.

Hence my prayer for the ends of days. For that precarious point after work and before dreams when the mortal coil wraps around my neck. For my hubris in thinking those few hours can somehow add up to more than 24. For the steady calendar movement that insists on marching even if I'm stumbling.

And if You are seriously thinking about ending it soon, then please prepare me for acceptance. Prepare me for accountability. Prepare me for awe.

But if we've got some time left ... can you just prepare me for bed?