Prayer #89: Virtual Theology

Prayer #89: Virtual Theology

Game on, God.

You want me. I'm right here. But first You have to track me though multiple levels of increasing difficultly, each with new villains and daunting obstacles and floating manna that racks up points when You jump to grab it.

You want me. I'm on the move. You call me to come back, to rest, to wait for You. But oh no, I'm too clever for that, Player. Think I'm just going to sit here and let You get me? Wrong! Poof! Gone.

You want me. I'm hidden. Keep hacking the vines. Ford the moat. Scale the gate. Leap the chasm. Where will all Your daring get You? I'm tucked away in no-man's-land, comfortable, wondering if You'll ever catch up.

Game on, God. It's solely in my power to hit pause and give You a breather. But I don't know if I'm ready to risk that. Because when You catch up to me ... will it be game over?