Prayer #138: Rest/Stop

Have returned from Austin exhausted, cold-ridden, melancholy, relieved, and a-buzz about what the Austin Unscripted project will lead to. What's more, this return has also capped off five months of nonstop airports, visits, (re)adjustments, emergencies, and other upheavals of all stripes.

No wonder I slept 13 hours last night.

Not that one can ever be 'done,' of course. Life keeps running no matter how many times you jam STOP! on your feeble remote control. Nor do I want to be done, really. Then I'd miss out on awesome and exciting things too.

A pause, however, is always welcome. Necessary, even. And that's what I'm aiming for now.

Prayer #138: Rest/Stop

Hit the brakes. Take that exit. I need a vending machine stocked with chocolate and popcorn and a restroom filled with new mattresses and down pillows.

I've decided, Lord -- as much as it's in my power to decide such things -- that I am done. No mas. Time for balance. Time for equilibrium. Time for a routine, for mealtimes, for all-around stay-put-edness.

Sit with me on the bench near the curb. We'll leave the car parked, locked. Let's watch the other travelers pull in, pull out, pull over. Show me what contentment looks like in the afternoon sun, and I'll mimic You until I master it.

There. I've put my feet up. Help me hold them in place.