Prayer #141: Thanksgiving Parade

Hand Turkeys 2008

Prayer #141: Thanksgiving Parade

Once I plan
Once I prep
Once I call
Once I shop
Once I brine
Once I mop
Once I dust
Once I bake
Once I roast
Once I set
Once I stir
Once I greet
Once I serve
Once I smile
Once I pour
Once I chat
Once I clear
Once I wash
Once I store
Once I talk
Once I wave
Once I clean (yet again) ...

Then I think I'll have time to thank You, amen.

Or ...

I can say it now. Say it first.

Because without You, I would not be caught up in this boisterous parade we call life, with all its colors and crowding and blink-and-miss moments.

I will keep You in my sights this holiday, even if my eyes are teary from onions, bleary from wine, or heavy with sleep. For You are conducting the music, and I'm thankful to march alongside.


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