Prayer #139: News Fatigue

Un écureuil un peu fatigué

Prayer #139: News Fatigue

Ok God ... the news has worn me out. These are noisy, noisome times we're facing. Words like 'volcano' and 'coup' and 'dip in the stock exchange' paper the papers. Reality on the ground doesn't match academic coverage. Everyone's sniping; no one's moderating.

The worst part? The grim tumult has reached such a fever pitch that I can't hear You right now.

You could be war-whooping within the thick of the fray. Whistling over the din, perhaps? Or maybe You're simply whispering to me as I struggle to quiet my mind for sleep.

Still, even though my ears aren't picking You out, my heart is. And it somehow knows You're helping the canary warble from the dark depths of the coal mine.

Please keep that little guy singing, Lord. Its hope is music to us all.