Prayer #151: Go-Getter

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. - George Bernard Shaw

Prayer #151: Go-Getter

Lord, give us proactive spirits. Show us how to grip our lives with two hands, so we may hug them when they need hugging, and shake them when they need shaking.

Our actions could be straightforward -- jot down the words for a bedtime story.

Or personal -- broach a subject that keeps you awake at night.

Or physical -- stare down cancer and crack your knuckles.

Or global -- start a revolution.

Propel us forward on the paths that let us best serve Your glory. Remind us that our limits are imagined, for in Your eyes, scale loses meaning, and meaning scales.

But above all, help us remember that whatever we act on -- tiny and tremendous -- the world is not the same once the moment passes. And we are not the same for enacting it.