Prayer #153: Innernet

Watch out now, my Catholic is about to show ...

By now I'm sure you've heard of Confession: A Roman Catholic App, available on iTunes to help all penitents examine their consciences before receiving the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.

The app announcement -- which, by the way, is "thought to be the first iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app to receive an imprimatur from the church" -- came hot on the heels of Pope Benedict's social media blessing, in which he lauds online interaction but asks us not to forget the real world.

All of which made me wonder ... should I be examining my online conscience?

Prayer #153: Innernet

An Examination of Conscience for the Wired Soul

Have I presented false personas to gratify others?

Have I given myself titles, talents, and trophies I haven't yet earned?

Have I stolen ideas and distributed them as my own?

Have I cheated others of their right to speak candidly?

Have I been jealous of others' success and sought to diminish it?

Have I used emerging tools to enrich my interior life, or debase it?

Have I taken every available opportunity to spread good across the airwaves?

Have I defended my most deeply held beliefs in public, or disguised them?

Have I been afraid to be authentic -- to be whom You created me to be?

Have I hidden Your role in my life?

Whatever my answers, please love me online and off, and show me how an honest confession can result in an honest profession.