A care package only my mother could love

Some mothers bring cookies when they visit. Mine brings greens.

The situation: Mama Rocchi is coming to visit this weekend. I receive the following email this morning.

OK. I’m ready right now to get on that train. This day is going to verrrrrrry long.

Just wanted to say that.

Have a great day and see you tonight!

Love, Mom

PS: I’m bringing two big bunches of arugula with me. I know your father won’t eat them over the weekend and I didn’t want them to go bad. We can have a yummy salad!

This brings me back to my college days when I would receive that most holy of mail items -- the care package. Except my mother didn't stoop to the pedestrian treats. Here's how the scene would usually play out:

Roommate: "Wow, look at all the cookies and candy my mom sent me!"

College-aged Julia: "Wow, look at all the ... articles my mom sent me ... oh, and here's some V8 ..."

Though I will say this: I avoided the freshmen 15 entirely and knew to sidestep unhealthy college hook-ups (thank you, Philadelphia Inquirer) all because of my mother's care packages. And if that's not love, I don't know what is.

UPDATE: My mother's response to this post.

LOL x 2

X 2 because I just sent [your brother] an article inside a good luck card for his internship AND I left an article for him on the kitchen table yesterday morning.

But I DID give him $20 last night so he would have a little pocket money for his first day tomorrow!!!

Am I that predictable ... and un-fun?

Not at all, Mom. Not at all. :-)