Word on the street: When shoes trump rent

The scene: Waiting for the N4 at 18th and M. One young woman walks up to another. They know each other from work, and begin to chat. This conversation really took place.

Girl #1: So I got my first paycheck last week, and as a treat to myself, I spent it on shoes.

Girl #2: Oh yeah?

Girl #1: Yeah, I spent $600. Got four pairs of shoes.

Girl #2: Four pairs.

Girl #1: Yeah, I got them at the outlet when I was visiting home.

Girl #2: That was the outlet price?

Girl #1: Yeah, I know, can you believe it? Such a deal. But then I had to carry them all home on the plane, because they wouldn't fit in my suitcase, and since I didn't want to let them go, I ended up carrying them for the plane ride.

Girl #2: Wow.

Girl #1: Yeah, they're really hot. One's got this really high heel, I got some black shoes, some red ones ... so now I have like 10 pairs of black shoes, and 8 pairs of red. Except now I won't be able to pay rent this month.

Girl #2: Are you serious?

Girl #1: Well, my roommate is screwing me over. She broke our lease so she could move in with her boyfriend, but I still need to pay her part of the rent, and now I can't afford it because I spent the $600 from my paycheck on shoes.

Girl #2: ...

Girl #1: But I'm not too worried because my dad will help me out. Ooh, that reminds me, I gotta call him!

She pulls out her phone and dials.

Girl #1 (on phone): Hi Sheila, it's --. Is my dad there? Oh. Is he booked all afternoon? Well, can you have him gimme a call back whenever he's between patients? Thanks!

She hangs up.

Girl #1: Just wait until you see these shoes ...