My Blog is a Meatball

My blog is made of meatball.

Leave the extended metaphors about meaty and saucy at the door. If I do this thing right, it will have both qualities in the long run. At the moment, I'm going for bigger themes.

Consider everything that goes into a meatball. The physical labor of mixing and forming it. The mental attention devoted to the recipe. The culinary wisdom required to add a pinch of this, a smidge of that. The transportation and travel behind its ingredients. The forethought of planning the menu and purchasing its elements. The ritual of laying out a spread, and the hospitality of sharing it with others. The warmth of a red checkered tablecloth, the wine that spills on it. What music you pipe into the room. Which loved ones surround the table, and what stories they share over the steaming plates. All the countries where some version of a meatball exists, and all the people that partake in them each day. The grace said before the meal. The love that goes into it all.

That's what a meatball is made of. Good works, people, stories, faith -- a pinch of this, a smidge of that. All for a satisfying dish that leaves you fuller once you partake.

May my IMS-driven blog be that for you. Now eat before it gets cold.