Prayer #125: This End Up

Photo by mrbill

Prayer #125: This End Up

Caution. Fragile. Handle with care.

I see these labels and spring into ginger mode. I am as gentle as baby shampoo. The items inside don't fear me; I know exactly how to treat them.

Which leads me to question, God ... why aren't You being as gentle with me right now? I am a person, a soul, so much more than a cardboard box. And while I'd look pretty stupid if I wrapped myself in postal tape and wrote"This End Up!" on my forehead with Sharpie, I'm starting to think that's the only thing that will remind You not to tip me over and shake me around.

So I'm asking one favor, knowing somewhere in the back of my heart that a good shake might be exactly what You're aiming for. Whatever You're packing or unpacking in my soul right now, please go gently so that I can stick it out with You. I want to be in one piece when we get there -- wherever there is.