Prayer #129: Just Beyond

seventh sense

"I totally believe in reincarnation. That's why I know people like my dad and my best friend so well -- because I've known them for generations." -- C.D.

Prayer #129: Just Beyond

I can't conceive of nothing while I'm something.
I can't imagine being blank, being non,
being anything but what You made me now.

Yet with that obit tacked up on the fridge --
a life compressed to less than 80 words --
my own mortality's on full display,
and the thought of leaving all I've ever known
is cause enough to hyperventilate.

Lord, You promise us a great beyond
in every sense -- beyond our limbs and skin,
beyond our earth, beyond our comprehension.

It seems too good, too perfect, to be true.
Cheat death and pain, yet live in constant joy?
Such magnitude of hope is staggering.

Mind you, I don't want to discover if
You're right for many decades yet to come.
But I would not mind following that hope
and finding where it leads.

That seems the best.
For now.
At least tonight, as I drift off ...