Prayer #126: For Good Reason

"Today was my grandmother's birthday, so to celebrate, she and my grandfather went to look at their gravesites, and then they went to Olive Garden." -- Jacob

Prayer #126: For Good Reason

Uncork that special bottle of wine now, for what's worth celebrating more than this moment in time?

Join me on the dance floor, shoes tossed under the rented table, so we can sway offbeat.

Hold my hand on a stroll through a darkening town this late summer night.

Wing a postcard (or seven) across the miles to include me in your adventure.

Giggle with me behind a cupped hand and keep my happy secrets until the time is right.

Thank You for the breathtaking reminder that my days here, though limited, run deep. And though it may be more than I can take, I also ask You this:

Dive into the glimmering pool with me.

Take me leagues beyond what I feel today.

May we never reach the bottom.