Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Italian Mother Syndrome now on Alltop!

Magazine rack.

Pardon this interruption from our normal IMS programming -- I just wanted to share that this little corner of the universe is now listed on Alltop under Top Religious News. Whee!

For those of you unfamiliar with this service, Alltop lets you create a 'personal, online magazine rack' of your favorites sites, blogs, news sources, etc. (Check out MyAlltop to set up an account if you're interested.) And I may be a little starstruck because Guy Kawasaki started it, and I heart Guy Kawasaki.

So, this is all to say that if you enjoy the spiritual bent of IMS, you will likely find other cool writers and thinkers you dig at All faiths, beliefs, or lack thereof are represented, so give 'em some facetime and see how others are searching for God in our wired world.


  1. that's awesome!

    but... is not believing really a lack? i suppose it is if you think of it as "not believing" but the belief that whatever-higher-power-religion-stuff is NOT is a belief itself, right?

  2. Hey lady -- 'lack thereof' was indeed referring to 'not believing in a higher power,' but I agree with your point that that outlook is a belief in/of itself. Which turns into a fun game of linguistics when it makes us all believers! ;)