College ain't cheap ... but it can be

I love learning. I love school. I love money. Too bad all three didn't come together as neatly as I had hoped with my college tuition.

So to help everybody else avoid the bank account-crushing weight of private university debt, I give you the "College Ain't Cheap" $50,000 Tuition Giveaway from mental_floss.

No, you don't get $50,000 every year for all four years. But you DO get $10,000 for books and other important incidentals ... provided you can convince them you deserve it in that inimitable mental_floss style.

Hell, even their consolation prize is cool -- dinner with a mental_floss co-founder (Will Pearson or Mangesh Hattikudur) and your best pals. So hurry your little college-bound self along, and write what may be the most lucrative essay of your career.

P.S. Kudos to mental_floss for the viral savvy behind this promotion -- love the blogger quid pro quo they're offering to increase promotion. And hat tip to Nemo for passing it along!