Word on the street: How the sustainable West was mothered

The scene: An IM conversation between me and a coworker that spanned three different topics in as many minutes.

Julia: So, do you have any idea what we're intended to contribute in this meeting?
Julia: oh never mind.

Coworker: I think it's just a brainstorm.

Julia: I read the email more closely, lol.

Coworker: Ha!

Julia: who knew? Reading helps you understand!! brilliant!

Coworker: Reading instructions is unamerican.
Coworker: A friend of mine told me this.

Julia: it's too dependent
Julia: i'd rather blaze a trail
Julia: and settle a new frontier

Coworker: He says it destroys the challenge.
Coworker: I say sometimes it destroys the equipment.
Coworker: Go West, young man, go West?

Julia: that's the idea, lol

Coworker: It's amazing how the conquest of the West became so idealized.
Coworker: It must have been awful at the time to actually go there.

Julia: it just seems so lonely
Julia: but I think that was also part of the appeal
Julia: it's a wonder people didn't die by 50 all the time
Julia: it was such a hard life

Coworker: The loneliness doesn't scare me. But the lack of electricity and hot showers do.
Coworker: No internet!

Julia: well, find consolation in the fact they didn't know what they were missing

Coworker: I would be dead quickly there. I would be one of those characters in Westerns who hide behind the barn at the first shot.

Julia: I'd be a schoolmarm
Julia: and would protect all the children

Coworker: You really have a strong maternal instinct.

Julia: I do
Julia: but I don't want my own kids yet
Julia: I just want to protect everyone else's

Coworker: That's funny.
Coworker: I have no paternal instinct at all. Never wanted kids.

Julia: yeah, I see that

Coworker: I like them, just don't want my own.

Julia: fair enough
Julia: much easier and less expensive

Coworker: This way I remain a kid forever in some manner.

Julia: see, now I think having kids can help you do that too
Julia: so maybe it's just how a person is wired
Julia: and not related to their parenting urges
Julia: as in, you could have 6 kids, but if you're no fun or have no imagination, you'll be old before your time

Coworker: Could be. Also the fact that I'm an only child, so I'm used to be by myself.

Julia: good point as well

Coworker: http://www.context.org/ICLIB/IC31/ToBreed.htm

Julia: takeaway: if I recycle more, I can have babies

Coworker: Or you could do baby recycling. That's what Brad and Angelina do.

Julia: mmm, sustainable baby making. nice.

End scene.