Prayer #36: Veni, Vidi, No Visa

Prayer #36: Veni, Vidi, No Visa

Visas. They can be nowhere you want to be. At least for those who want to be in the United States.

Lord, tonight I pray for our immigrants -- the students, the spouses, the workers, the asylum seekers.

I pray for those navigating red tape in a foreign tongue.

I pray for those who can't go back home until their passports exit purgatory.

I pray for the lonely, the confused, the homesick, and the stressed.

I pray for those who wonder if they made a mistake, and those who are certain they're better off.

And for all those determined to make a new life, no matter the reason, I pray for expediency of documents and adjustments, so that they can experience every joy of this immigrant land.

The signoff that needs no translation -- Amen.