Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ursine presidential race relations

Buttons. Bumper stickers. Baby-kissing. And now, bears. Vermont Teddy Bears to be exact, in the "likeness" of each candidate.

Here's the Obama bear ("a bear you can believe in"):

And here's the McCain bear ("a courageous bear at your service"):

Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?

Now, there are several positions I could see people taking to these bears.

1) What a cute idea! Let's buy one. They're WAY better than those kissy Hallmark bears. And it will help teach the kids about election cycles, too!

2) McCain rolls his sleeves up too, and Obama often wears suits. This supports my theory that Vermont Teddy Bear Co. is a Commie liberal bastion pursuing a hidden agenda by making the Obama bear seem much more hip and relaxed.

3) Who approved this?? Who in their right mind thought producing a dark brown bear and snow white bear would do anything to improve the potentially damaging undercurrent of racial tensions and debates in this campaign?

4) Wow. Gutsy move, Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Very post-civil rights and civic-minded of you. Rock on, I'm buying one.

5) Where's the Nader bear?

So, where do you fall?


  1. i look forward to the first lady and vp bears. then maybe we can just have a mock election in the office and the bears can attack each other if it doesn't go how we like. ...i mean...something non-violent....er.

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I take the Vermontbear That's the land of sweet maple syrup and beautiful autumns, great inns and truly wonderful people that talk funny. Claude