Describe your world in 25 words

Write a Twitter post in 140 characters. Try crafting a six-word story or memoir. Or reviewing a film in four.

Too tough? Then maybe this challenge is more to your liking: describe your worldview in exactly 25 words.

That was the concept for Liz Strauss's latest writing project over at Successful Blog, where over 30 writers submitted mini-essays on the world as they see it -- or sometimes as they want it to be.

25 Words that Connect Us
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Posts like these are catnip to writers. We can't resist crafting that one perfect piece that not only encapsulates every deep thought ever thunk, but also fits right within the word limit. So even though the challenge is over, I feel the need to add my 2 (25?) cents to this mix ...

Draft #1
What if friendship becomes romance?
And romance, a life together?
My heart's open to the possibility,
because either way
you will be there with me.

Draft #2
One day, my boobs will sag.
My face will droop.
My height will shrink.
My mind might go.
But my works ... they will live on.

Draft #3
We could nitpick about grammar, pronunciation, syntax, word choice.
Or we could use the limited breath we have
To give life to our personal truth.

Draft #4
The world is not as wired as we think.
The tools are different. The need to connect is not.
Email -- call -- text -- visit -- love accordingly.

Draft #5
Dear God:
Are you there? It's me, Earth.
Do you see these wounds? Can you heal them?
The Band-Aids aren't working.
Neosporin, maybe?

Draft #6
Dear Earth:
It's God. Got your message.
Tell the people down there to play doctor
And patch you up.
I can only do so much.

Draft #7
Oy vey.
My one son, the doctor, is marrying a Catholic girl.
A shiksa!
At least we have guilt in common, if not the gefilte.

Draft #8
So, remember that time we ran errands on a fall afternoon
and listened to jazz standards and I was overjoyed?
That was a good day.

Draft #9
Rant and rave and rumble all you want.
You can't fix an organization,
Just your sphere of influence.
So find your circumference, and get going.

Draft #10
Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
Unless the perfect is tall, thin, smart, and beautiful.
Then feel free to gossip.

Draft #11
It's after 10. I'm spent.
Work, sleep, work again.
Where's my passion?
Now I remember.
In the words. All words. All 25 of them.