Word on the street: Men's opinion of period films

The scene: The YMCA weight room. I am doing some crunches. Three young muscleheads in tanks are talking behind me.

Guy 1: So she asked me to run out and get a movie, and she wanted one of those, you know, period films. And I was like, oh no, not that s***.

Guy 2: Oh no, man.

Guy 1: Nothing ever happens in them, you know? I keep trying to tell her it's bulls*** ...

Guy 3: Yeah, seriously dude. It's just people in costumes acting proper or some s*** like that. There's no story or anything.

Guy 2: I don't get it. I really don't. They're so boring.

Guy 1: And you know it's f***ed up when they try to make that type of thing into a pop movie. You know, there was that one about ... um ... you know, 'let them eat cake'?

Guy 2: Marie Antionette.

Guy 1: Yeah, her. It was historical, right, but they made it modern too. And it just didn't work.

Guy 3: Yeah, that movie suuucked.

(moment of silence)

Guy 1: I just don't get it, man.

Guy 2: Me neither.

Guy 3: It's such s*** ...

The End.