Dying to find a Halloween costume?

Then try these on for size:

Needle in a haystack * bipolar bear * Mary Murphy from SYTYCD * The Long Tail * Telltale Heart * Back 'words' (words on the back of a T-shirt) * Hamlet * Whistler's Mother * Green villains (Riddler, Poison Ivy, Green Goblin) * Judy-ism (dress as Garland and spout her sayings) * paradise (as a pair of dice) * Wall-E and Eve * 'Mummy' Dearest * American Goth (not Gothic) * "Maid" in America/China/India * Belle (bell) of the ball * Midnight Cowboy/High Noon * White picket fencer * Crate and Barrel (she's crate, he's barrel) * Birth of Venus * Son of Man * Microwave * Clue characters * chess/checker board * Romeo and Juliet * solo cup (for the person going alone) * coupon clipper * the walk of shame * an amalgamation of every slutty Halloween costume (with nurse outfit and maid skirt and bunny ears and angel wings and pirate patch. oh, and boots.)

Thanks to roomie J, assorted friends, and countless anonymous college students who helped inspire some of these. (And hat tip to Sue for the photo!)

What are some of the best ones you've dug up over the years, ghouls and guys?

Update: Roomie J supplied the following from his coworkers: "My cube neighbor Jillian had a cute idea for a "trophy wife." Dress all in gold and make some kind of stand with a plaque out of carboard to go around your feet. In a similar vein, Ruby suggested "arm candy"---just a sleeve covered in candy."