Funny Baby Pictures: Cries like a ninja!

Sometime, you just gotta break out the mad skillz. And if you're under 2 and naked, it makes you all the more badass.

Today's picture comes courtesy of the-pile-of-awesomeness-that-is-marketing blog Ittybiz, written/run/dominated by Naomi Dunford. I promise you that in future posts I'll be citing Naomi's marketing prowess and heavy cussing. But for now I want to share with you her beautiful birthday post to her son Jack on the miracle of his existence and his impact on her life.

Yes, it's almost two months old, but I don't care. Chances are good that Jack is still cute; excellent that Naomi is smart; and damn certain that this picture is funny is hell. Thanks for the laughs, Jack!!

Happy Friday all!