Eleanor Holmes Norton saw my castmate naked

Ah, DC -- the only place on earth where you perform for the very politicians you're skewering.

That's what happened yesterday at Hexagon's annual Congress Night performance, with special guests Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) and Joe Wilson (R-SC) as our Newsbreak announcers.

Some points of interest:

* Eleanor is the only Newsbreak reader to select and edit her material.

* Joe came with his aide, who looked about 12 and said three words.

* Good public speakers do not always good comedians make, but A+ for being game! It helps they had an appreciative audience.

* Eleanor and Joe hung out in the dressing room a good bit before the show and during intermission. Which led my castmate Stuart to realize, "I can now say my Congresswoman has seen me naked."

And there you have it -- my slightly surreal life.