Kiss or cuss? Two ways to beat recession stress

I've got the recession blues -- that dejected state of waning hope fueled by the steady drumbeat of bad news. But thanks to my big mouth, I now have two ways to combat the stress, according to MSNBC.

For my more touchy-feely days, I can lay a smacker on my loved ones to lower my cortisol. Holding hands can also help, though with less pronounced effect (and less fun).

And for days I'm not feeling so ooey-gooey, I can say "phooey!" -- or something a wee bit stronger -- to get a much-needed catharsis. Good news for the Puritans among us: You need not say the 7 dirty words to reap the health benefits of explosive exclamations. Any burst will do.

So what will it be, my friends in stress management? Pucker or f*@$ 'er? Either way, we can look forward to a brighter, happier future!

Photo by programwitch