Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Word on the street: Is Sarah Palin involved in this?

The scene: I write a blog post discussing unfair/unproductive donor solicitation tactics. Three days later, this envelope arrives in my mailbox.

No really, please read it a little closer:

Dear God, I don't know! What can I do? Oh wait, the envelope is guiding me:

What petition? Maybe the back of the envelope can clarify:

Oh. Good to know. But how in the world did they fit a tote bag in a 8.5 by 11" envelope?

The End.*

* Until I actually open the scary envelope, figure out what they're really asking me, and write about it next week.

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  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    My favorite things about that mailing are 1) the mention of aerial hunting, even though aerial hunting is only "legal" in Alaska (although admittedly some of the lower 48 are trying to make plans to get it in place) and 2) the picture of the wolf pup, who looks pretty young. Hunting of wolves in places like Idaho/Wyoming would take place in the fall and any wolf "pups" would be 5-6 months old at that point and almost as big an adult wolf (and would have the teeth to prove it). At 6 months old, it would be hard to tell an adult from a "pup."

    If you want to understand why wolves are hated so much in the greater Yellowstone region, you should Nicholas Evans' book "The Loop." It's fiction but really shows the on-going battle between farmers and the wildlife service in regards to wolf reintroduction.

    Just my two cents. =) You know I love animals, but I have little patience for anti-hunting propaganda that doesn't give the full story.