Friends make good diving boards (and 6 other snapshots of a wonderful life)

I'm pleased to report cappuccinos still taste best on barstools, but I'm not too sure where America stands on Zombie Response Plans.

* When grilling in the dark, employ a head lamp to check your food. This earns you cool points AND keeps you from contracting salmonella.

* The pit in your stomach at saying goodbye is best alleviated by immediately planning your next visit.

* 'Woot' is an acceptable Scrabble word.

* A friend's shoulders make the most unexpected and entertaining ocean diving board.

* Never underestimate the blessing that is a male friend's non-jealous girlfriend.

* Salt water gives you superpowers of your own devising.

* No matter how long the dry spell, rain comes eventually. And as you do with rest, and love, and the ocean ... let it sweep you away.