Monday, September 28, 2009

Prayer #83: Saturated

Bad Religious Prank Calls

::ring ring::
"Excuse me, is your cup running over?"
"Then you better go catch it! Hahahahaha!"

Prayer #83: Saturated

When one's cup runneths over, where exactly does it spill? Can I scoop it up with a spare glass and stick it in the fridge? Maybe use it to water the plants or make a nice chicken stock?

I ask because You don't seem like the type of deity who would want good joy to go to waste. So many people's cups have leaks -- who am I to hoard a bowl's worth?

Just doesn't seem right. Or fair.

So I'd like to propose a reuse program. When my cup is runnething over, I will first thank You for all the good things You put in it. I will then drink the cup so all that love and comfort and worthfulness is sloshing around inside me. And then, fortified by the one cup, I will help pour the runneth-off into other people's empty mugs.

In doing so, we'll eliminate a lot of waste and inefficiency and get that joy where it needs to be -- in the cups of people who need it.

What do You think? Can You stand behind this project? Care to endorse me?


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  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Dear Sinner, If you wish to speak to me in old english, please be consistent and proper.
    Re par 1 When one's cup runneth over,whither doth it spill?
    Re par 4a When my cup runneth
    4b I will help that which runneth over
    I do not consider these to be agressive sins, but are caused by ignorance of the King's English, so I will not hold them against you. Love, God