If Eddie Izzard can do it, so can I

Two weeks from today, I will be participating in my first triathlon. Yes, two weeks. Yes, triathlon.

But that seems like nothing compared to what Eddie Izzard accomplished. He ran 43 marathons in 51 days -- after only 5 weeks of training -- to raise more than 200,000 pounds for Sport Relief (and shed a few of his own in the process).

I'm in awe. I'm also thinking I better not complain about swimming 750 meters in a training wheels tri -- I mean, a relay sprint triathlon.

So off I go to the pool to swim my laps, not to be confused with napping. I will wrestle into my swimming cap without tears. I will toddle along next to the old man sharing my lane, and try not to think about how doing this in open water surrounded by hundreds of people might signal my untimely demise.

Then again, I might meet new people from all over while we're splashy-splashy in Lake Anna. Or see inside a castle. Or get some jelly beans.

After all, it happened to Eddie Izzard. He did the impossible. So maybe I can too.