Prayer #82: Hand It Over

Fr. Greenfield on trusting God: "There are already three persons in the Holy Trinity. Don't try to be a fourth."

Prayer #82: Hand It Over

I could slip it under the door.

I could drop it in the mailbox.

I could fax it from the office.

I could gift-wrap it and place it under the tree.

I could strap it to a carrier pigeon's leg.

I could seal it in a time capsule for later discovery.

I could roll it up in a bottle to be cast in the ocean.

I could place in a brown paper bag and leave it in an undisclosed location.

Or, I could simply hand it to You.

But no matter the delivery method, my desire to be in full control must reach Your hands eventually if I'm ever to have peace. Just be prepared for it to arrive in separate shipments and over great lengths of time.

Oh, and God -- thanks in advance for accepting the package(s). Knowing You're signing keeps me from going postal.

Signed, sealed, delivered -- Amen.