If you hate sand, don't read this post

Are you a sand hater?

Be honest. It's ok. A lot of people hate sand. And for good reason -- it's gritty and invasive and everywhere. Which is why I don't bring my laptop to the beach, because sand will be falling out of my keyboard for the next five months if I'm on the beach for five seconds. Oh, and it will break it.

As a result of sand's inconvenient effect on my electronic equipment, I'm forced to resort to such mundane activities as Frisbee, reading, castle-sculpting, long walks, swimming, inhaling Goldfish, etc.

And if I'm really bored and really can't find aaaaanything to amuse me as much as blogging ... I'll take a beach nap.

I know. It's rough. But I'm strong and I'll make it through. So while I'm suffering and struggling and enduring through these hardships, take a look at these happier beach times:

* Once more unto the beach, dear friends

* A brief meditation on the shore