Prayer #12: Innervate

Innovation is the hot business buzz word these days. Companies seek innovators. They hire chief innovation officers. They form innovation teams. They create fun offices and allow casual dress, all to stimulate innovation.

But titles, jeans, and Nerf balls do not innovation make. Authentic creativity and progress is borne of intellectual freedom.

This does not necessarily mean freedom from constraint, as restrictions can inspire the perfect solutions. Rather, it's the freedom to follow one's instincts, and take a risk on a radical idea, without fear of recrimination or ridicule.

Without such an incubator, innovators may enervate -- and we'll all be worse off.

Prayer #12: Innervate

We must innovate our approaches to prayer, the Church, and God. No swords needed. I'm not calling for a revolution, but rather, incremental change. For in the peaceful, steady march, tread by ordinary people, lies the key to radical reformation.

First, we must reconnect through prayer. I don't spend enough quiet time with God. I don't know how many young people do. Think of the difference a few reverential moments a day, multiplied over millions of young people, could have on the state of the world.

People would hear their callings, and better receive the strength to follow them. They would become the change they wish to see in the world. And they would unify their efforts as part of a larger army.

Then we need to shake down all Christian denominations, and move our dialogue from dogmatic to pragmatic. It's not about different hymns, catechisms, or hierarchies. We must recognize (admit?) we are identical at our core: We believe Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world, and that in following his life, we come one step closer to eternal joy in God.

So why are we fighting??? It only wastes precious time. Faith today requires creative thinking. We must look outside our churches to find the real Church. Only then can we rebuild a healthy, living body, fit for the most holy of bridegrooms.

Finally, we must reclaim God. This need not take place on political grounds. Rather, it should happen in our hearts. Is God in my life? Do I share with others that He's in my life? Do I invoke His name and teachings as a force for good works?

Better yet, do I take him out of the literal 'love thy neighbor' context, and brainstorm all the miraculous ways I can realize this command? Do I act on these ideas? And do I trust that God will protect me, though others may harm me for it?

Lord, help us be radical in a traditional world. Connect us with other movers and shakers. Unite our missions. Lead us to your restorative grace, like animals to water, so that we are always nourished and sustained for the journey.

And let it begin within me, one innovation at a time.