Prayer #19: Young Adult Novena

Mrs. Campo and Brian are saying a St. Joseph's novena for the next 9 days, set to end on St. Joseph's Day, which also happens to be Brian's birthday. Adorably Catholic.

Prayer #19: Young Adult Novena

This is an original novena for the young at heart and pressed for time.

Day 1. Dear God, help me stick to my guns and actually say one of these prayers each day for the next nine days. You know I'm forgetful, but I swear, I really do want to worship you with the sacrifice of my time and attention. So help a pray-er out with some gentle reminders.

Day 2. Yay! I made it back. Day two. Today I thank you for all the incredible blessings you shower in my life -- my family, friends, roof, food, health, and [insert favorite T.V. show]. Wait, ignore that last one. It just slipped in. I meant to say Your divine mercy. (Sorry.)

Day 3. Hi God. Me again. I'm not gonna lie -- there are a lot of problems in my life right now. [List all pressing problems here.] I rarely know how to handle these. In fact, I usually handle them incorrectly, thus creating more problems. Help me rely on Your infinite wisdom to get me through these tough situations. Even if I can't solve them, I want to learn more about myself and YOU through having lived them.

Day 4. Jesus, this one's for you. Here's a crazy idea ... how about you come back to earth? We could use you walking among us right now. Yeah, I know you're in our hearts and all that, but I'm a Doubting Thomas in the worst way. How can I touch your wounds, and know that you live on? If you can help me figure this one out, I'd appreciate it.

Day 5. The Holy Spirit halftime show. Apparently you're the entity that guides the answers from yesterday's novena. Soooo ... how does this work? Pixie dust or something? I've heard some stuff about fire. I need inspiration and motivation. Will you be around when I need you most? Please say yes. What an awesome gift, one that truly keeps on giving.

Day 6. Don't worry, Mary, I haven't forgotten you. Here's my burning Marian question: Did you really stay a virgin after Jesus was born? Gah! Forget I asked that, probably inappropriate for a novena. I was just curious. Anywho, can you do me a huge favor, and bend your Son's ear that I need all the help I can get? I'm on day 6 here -- outlook for success is dubious, at best. Thank you. You're a peach.

Day 7.
I'd like to point out that seven is a more mystical number than nine, and that it would be much more convenient for ME if the Church had stuck to conventional mysticism and made this ritual a septena (or whatever the heck you'd call a seven-day prayer). Yes, I'm whining! Sigh. Now I feel guilty. I'm sorry. You made much greater sacrifices that I can even dream of. Surely I can pray for another two days.

Day 8. Home stretch. This one's going to be terrific, just wait! Ummm ... hmm. There's so much I want to ask and say, but my heart is too full. The only thing that consistently comes to mind is -- Jesus, help me. Lord, protect me. Holy Spirit, strengthen me. God, be with me, in me, and through me.

Day 9.
DONE! Finished, complete, over, finito. Thanks for sticking it out with me, God. Not that I'm surprised, You've stuck with me through much dicier moments in my life. This must have been a walk in the park compared to my usual antics. So thank for listening and chatting. It's been real, in a refreshing spiritual, metaphysical, theological way. I'm lucky to have You in infinite ways, and for infinite days.