Prayer #21: Don't Know Much

Prayer #21: Don't Know Much

Who am I to assume I know what's going on in other people's personal lives -- their hearts, minds, psyche, or health?

I know diddly-squat. I can only sit and people-watch, making up three-act plays about their internal dramas, and wrapping it neatly with a resolving bow.

But life is hardly packaged that way, is it, Lord? For that reason, I'm praying tonight for all the problems I know nothing about.

Please soothe all the sad, secret heartaches people are bearing. Console them at night, when fears creep out from under the bed, and run icy fingers across imaginations. And hold their hands during harsh daylight, when they want to run away, but have no place to hide.

For these people, Lord, I ask only Your highest mercy and love. Be with them when they need You most, even if they don't know You're there.