Prayer #15: Mean Girl

Is it possible to be a good Christian and a tough manager?

As much as I hate to think it, I'm sure most coworkers would throw you under the bus as soon as look at you. Sure, we're supposed to help one another get a leg up in the world, but a mere year in the workforce has proved nearly the opposite.

So in light of the working world's harsh realities, what motive do I have to be loyal or conciliatory to coworkers -- particularly ones that make my life difficult?

When does self-interest overtake 'nice'?

Prayer #15: Mean Girl

Lord, make me mean.

I mean it. I need an angry edge, more piss & vinegar. Put some fangs into this orthodontia-ed smile.

Apparently, love doesn't govern the world. Fear does. I'm disappointed, but I'll roll with it. So I'm asking you: Make me mean.

Give me the strength to hold others accountable. Set me ablaze with the desire to ensure fairness for ALL my coworkers, not just the troublesome ones. And help me stay firm and decisive, without slipping into petty or vindictive territory.

Make me mean, Lord. It will keep my vision and purpose clear. It will let me do the job I was hired to do, while completing the work You put forth for me, too.

And if (when) I accidentally-slash-intentionally punch someone in the face, it's because I became too mean. When that happens, stay my hand, and forgive me.

Sigh. Why You put up with me, I'll never know ... but thank you.