Grey Gardens: I think this is the best blog post for today

I rarely win anything. Contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, tournaments ... you name it, I'm its kiss of death. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I was one of 50 people who got free passes to see an advance screening of HBO's upcoming TV film Grey Gardens, the story of Jackie O's eccentric aunt and cousin, both named Edith Beale.

This means I got to strut into the theater without paying a red cent (courtesy of my fave mag Entertainment Weekly). I waltzed right up to the table, gave them my name, and behold! it was on a list. A list, I tell you! A special list! With my name on it!

Who cares if Jacob and I ended up in the second row with our necks perpendicular to the floor for two solid hours! And who cares if I forgot to buy popcorn! The delight of two free movie tickets and a sense of exclusivity would have satisfied me even three theaters over.

Oh, and the movie was pretty good too. Ok, more than pretty good. It was odd, sensitive, funny, moving, curious ... lots of traits that combined for a most entertaining evening.

Remember as well, you're talking to someone who has never seen the original documentary about these codependent women who create an offbeat, delusional world for themselves at their home in East Hampton. So I went in blind to both story and precedent -- and enjoyed the tale immensely.

Anyway, I don't want to give too much away if you're not familiar with this saga. If you have HBO, catch the film this Saturday at 8 pm. Or Netflix it later. Either way, you'll question just what defines crazy ... and wonder if maybe you should go a little crazier yourself.