Prayer #60: Hosanna

What does it say about our Easter faith that we bookend a solemn, sorrowful, even scary Holy Week with celebrations?

Prayer #60: Hosanna

The palms belie us.

You enter, exultant, and we wave, leap, stumble over ourselves in excitement, clutching the leaves in our sweaty hands.

We've found, however, that our swaying and shouting blocks the view. Yet we keep it up anyway. Because in truth, looking upon You scares us more than losing sight of You.

This holiest of weeks, grace us with the courage to step out from behind the palms, and face You with the same joy in our hearts that we profess with our lips.

Help us approach You -- you who thirsts for company, yet often stands alone.

Help us talk to You -- you who eschewed godliness so we might be peers.

Help us understand You -- you who wants a quiet conversation, not a parade.

And together, we'll reach a celebration worth having.

To You whose journey has begun again --