A once and future belief system

The liturgical nerd in me is still processing all the beautiful ritual and symbolism of last night's Seder meal (more to come on that later), but I couldn't let Good Friday begin without at least a mention.

As the most somber, sobering day of the Church calendar, Good Friday can be tough to swallow with its stark, funereal tone. I looked back on what I wrote about this day two years ago, and found that I hold the same thoughts and reflections this year -- indeed, every year.

Because for all its grief, Good Friday is also about re-discovery and re-commitment. It takes an active, evolving, and brave faith to absorb the significance and then live it out.

Young Adult Catholics blogger Becky Chabot put it beautifully in her thought-provoking post about Good Friday when she said we are asked to "recognize that suffering often comes out of love and to not be afraid to love, even if it means we’ll suffer."

May we all recognize that today and every day.