Gone fishin' (in the Great Salt Lake)

All will be relatively quiet on the eastern front for the next 10 days, because I will be on the western front -- that is to say, Salt Lake City.

Better prepared bloggers than I would have lined up guest posts for next week, or pre-published thought-provoking pieces, or found a way to get Internet access on the highest mountain or in the deepest ocean so they can write in real time.

I, however, have opted to actually have a vacation. Which is to say I'm living out the novel idea of having a life beyond blogging.

And then I'll come back and blog about it. Because I can't stop myself.

But until then, I will be swimming and hiking and gabbing and flying and jamming and cooking and visiting. Honest.

Have two beautiful weekends and a productive week, my friends! I look forward to chatting again post-refreshment and -rejuvenation. :)