Prayer #75: Joy Joy

I buzzed at church today.

I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when I began to tingle. First it started in my toes. Then it shimmied into my stomach. Next, it trickled down my arms. And finally it landed, warm and sparkly, in my head.

I stayed very, very still.

"Joy?" I whispered. "Is that you?"

The tingling increased -- nodded.

"Oooh. Good. I thought you'd left me."

The tingling became a caress.

"Why did you abandon me?"

And there I sat, elbow on pew side, head in hand, thinking over the sunlight on the altar, the organ echo in the rafters, and the elusive contentment pooling at my feet -- while joy buzzed throughout me and made manifest the answer:

You abandoned me.

Prayer #75: Joy Joy

Joy for joy's sake.

It's an oil well in an arid landscape, a thick and deep vein pulsing beneath everyday reality. I seek it for the riches it brings, never knowing that for all my scouring and scowling, it's right under my feet.

Joy for joy's sake.

Joy is not to be manufactured or manipulated. You can't tap your foot, check your watch, and tsk-tsk it to be on time. Joy is free, and thus pervasive -- it exists unto itself, and knows no master.

Joy for joy's sake.

Lord, thank you for reminding me that inherent joy is always ripe for picking, no matter the season or reason, and feel free to move the earth beneath me when I forget that

joy lives for joy's sake.