Prayer #73: Giddy Up/Down

Giddy, adj. dizzy; having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling.

Giddy up, n. A command by a rider to a horse, exhorting the animal to start running in a fast gallop.

Giddiupdown, n. The experience of losing focus and walking in circles; the sensation of events moving at greater speed beyond one's control; constant vague nausea; unpredictable fluctuation between hope and despair.

Prayer #73: Giddy Up/Down

Lord, carry our unpredictable hearts close to Your chest, so their proximity to each other and to You unifies their beating and shows them they are not alone.

Mend the broken ones. Heal the wounded ones. Empower the timid ones. Steady the fluttering ones. Reassure the worried ones. Enlighten the confused ones. Sustain the hopeful ones.

In this way, may You make these organs vital to our holiness, and us vital to the world.