Help a brother out -- read his blog

Actually, I do have a brother, and he IS heavy, but not in an addicted-to-Pringles or life-is-so-tough-as-a-hipster way. He's heavy because he's The Big Friendly Giant, a blogger of great heft and humor marking his territory on the other end of cyberspace from me.

Nobody quite sees the world like my sib. Some days I think this is a blessing for mankind; other days, its greatest misfortune. But no matter where it's falling, it makes for damn good, pull-no-punches reading.

Want to follow a writer's journey? Commiserate on the job search? Read an awesomely funny e-zine before it hits the big time? And do it all with piss, vinegar, and calculated profanity? He's your man. And also my brother. Francis Rocchi. Soon-to-be-famous person.

So help a brother out and give mine a look-see. The future of writing thanks you.

She ain't heavy, she's my sister.
(Plus, I have really big muscles, so she could be heavy but I wouldn't know it.)