Prayer #77: Champion

Photo by rogersmith

Beneath every good cheerleader is a stronger cheerleader. And some gawkers.

Prayer #77: Champion

Know what I need, God? A cheerleading squad. Springy, peppy, perky supporters who never question their loyalty to me, no matter my game-time decisions, and structure their whole lives around applauding my triumphs and distracting others from my botched plays.

Y'know, I don't even need an entire squad. One will do the trick. Just one cheerleader devoted to being my hawker, my agent, my champion.

It's not egotism driving this request, I swear. Ok, well, maybe it is, a little. I mean, who wouldn't want someone constantly telling them how wonderful they are?

But there is a shade of difference here I'd like to point out, God. Look, I am well aware I do plenty of stuff that doesn't deserve validation. So I'm not asking for an unthinking, blank-stare champion. It would just be nice to have someone around who, on those frequent occasions when I do miss the mark, would always say, "Don't worry. I still believe in you. You've got what it takes. Keep your head down and your arms out. Now get out there and WIN!"

And then do back handsprings around the family room.

What? Too much? Fine.

Anyway. The cheerleader. Can You arrange that, please? Find some good candidates, send them my way? Or, if that's too much hassle -- maybe You could do it?

Minus the handsprings, of course.