Prayer #78: Choice Cut

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. {JK Rowling}

Prayer #78: Choice

Choices are a one-way ticket. They carry you forward, they set you back, but they never land you in quite the same place where you began.

Choices brought me to this point. Most were my own, though some came from others. In all cases, however, I only operated with the facts and faith I had available at the time. Thus, step by step, I have kept arriving at points unknown.

Choices, Lord, are Your regenerating gift to us -- the natural consequence of our free will. They make manifest a thousand daily victories and a thousand daily stumbles, so we may learn. They determine our immediate future but not our destiny, so we may revise. And should we not choose so wisely on one, we have infinite chances to redeem ourselves.

Thank you for choice, varietal God, and guide us in picking the best door.